Welcome to nerozumiem!

I`m Katka, your biela vrana (white raven), learning Slovak against all odds. This site is mainly for everyone, who is interested in language learning, seaking for some new ideas for this or is willing to take part in challenges, which keep you motivated.

Oh – this page is still under construction – so please be pacient, till everything is built. I work on it as fast as I can.

Something about me:

I`m a German girl, living in Bavaria, married to a
wonderful husband and expecting IMG_7091our first child.
And that´s the problem, if you will. My husband is from Slovakia and ever since we met I was curious about learning his language. I intended to learn it to be able to fully understand him and his culture. And of course I wanted to be able to talk to his family and friends!

But my journey wasn´t as easy as you may think…

For Slovak you can´t just grab a book or two and start learning. With only about 5mio people in Slovakia there is no big audience to learn this beautiful language. So what to do when you have problems finding good material? Better check this site! 🙂

What you can find here:

I devided this page into the following sections about language learning:

  • Challenges to the 5 most important things you need in any language
  • Games you can play at home or on the road – just for making learning more fun
  • Organisation of your learning stuff and Methods how to learn more effectively
  • Monthly Reviews on how I did cope with my goals

Why do you find this stuff here?

I`m done doing all the learning sitting alone at home. I learn Slovak for 3,5 years now and I struggled more than once during this time. I had good and bad lessons from teachers in person or via internet, internet-courses and I have a great language-tandem-partner.

I tried to read books that were far to difficult and others that didn`t catch my interest. I had times of great willpower, which made me proceed fastly, and others I nearly gave up or let the language rest for some time. But in the end I´m still not even half way where I want to be.

So I want to share all my experience with you so you don´t make the same mistakes as I did along my way.

And even more important: learning together...