Mnemotechnics for fun

Learning new vocabulary can be boring. But with this little game everything starts to get very funny. The more “nonsense” you make up, the funnier it gets!

This game was made up as story-telling game using mnemotechnics. For further information about that method and other ideas how to use it you may check out this english and this german link…

What you need:

  • flashcards or any kind of cards/paper available to write your new vocabulary on (each card gets a separate word)
  • Groop of 1 – 4 players
  • Time: 30 minutes – everlasting depending on the amout of vocabulary you want to practise 🙂
  • (6sided) dice

How it works:

Prepairing the game:

  • Note your (new) vocabulary onto the cards – about 15 – 30 words
    You can either do all the notes in the native or the target language or even have a picture representing the word on your card. You can use all forms together if you want. But only write on ONE side of the card!
  • Shuffle all your cards and lay them face down on the table, building 3 piles
  • Every pile will represent a different story you will have to tell

Starting the game:

  • Roll the dice and decide on which pile you take your turn
    • Numbers 1+2 represent pile 1
    • Numbers 3+4 represent pile 2
    • Numbers 5+6 represent pile 3
  • Open the first card and read the word
  • Start telling a story in the new language, using this first word
  • Place the used card face up next to the pile so you can see the latest word

If you are more than one player, here is, where the players change.

  • The next player rolls the dice like the one before
  • If he gets a pile with no open cards already laid, he works like the first player.
  • If he gets a pile with already open card(s) he repeats the whole start of that story (in his own words) and proceed the story with the next word, he drew from the pile
  • He is not allowed to check the cards already used for this pile! He has to manage only by memorizing the story.
  • Don´t have trouble when the new word doesn´t seem to fit your story. This is actually good! Weird twists make your story easier to remember and more fun!
  • Place the new card face up on top of the previous one(s) so you can see the latest word

If one player misses a word while telling the story, the other players have to interrupt him immediately. They correct his error right away and it´s the next players turn.

If you are not sure who was right and wrong, check the face-up-pile as a groop.

  • Keep going untill all words are used for this story
  • Find a proper end for this story
  • End all stories

To make the game easier, you can decrease the number of piles to one or two and limit the cards used during the session.

Have fun playing

Example of one of our stories:

  • A man walked down a icy road.
  • A storm came up
  • There he found a grid
  • The man hid behind the grid,
  • for he was very scared of the upcoming lion

Can you already see how “hiding”  and “lion” didn´t fit? Why would anyone hide behind a grid? And why would a lion walk through the icy cold world? Still the image will stick to your mind! I promise! 🙂

Possible end:

  • The lion was lost so he asked the man for help
  • And in the end they walked the street together.

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