Songs are a great way to improve your language-skills. This can happen in various ways.

How to find a songfrog

The easiest way to find songs in your target-language is searching youtube or other sites in the internet.

If you have no experience with singers/bands, that use your target language, just check

  • eurovision song contest
  • children songs in the language
  • online radio stations in your language
  • your tandem-partner´s oppinion

How to use the song

  1. You should print/read the lyrics of your song while listening to it over and over again.
  2. You may also translate the lyrics yourself or use some programms like google translator, but you have to decide according to your target language, which one is best for you. (For Slovak I prefer doing it myself.)
  3. Singing along the song helps with
  • implementing grammar
  • getting better in pronounciation
  • learning phrases
  • learning new vocab
  • getting used to the “awkward” sounds of the target language
  • having fun while learning

Creating a new song

You can create a new song to learn the things you need to learn. I first saw this method on an episode of “the fresh prince” with Will Smith. He tries to learn the periodic table whith some rap-style, which you can see here.

But you do not have to be a rapper to use this technique. You can sing your vocab in any style you like, or just switch some words of well known songs.

Actually even children learn numbers, days of the week and the alphabet by songs. Think about “ten green bottles“, “Laurentia” (German song) and “the alphabet song“.

I wish you all “happy singing!” 🙂


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