Reading Resources

Especially when you want to improve your language skills with more material than only the books you may have bought for learning your target language, you will soon be searching for other resources. This post is about reading only, but you will find one about listening and other stuff as well, soon.domesday-book-1804x972

So here is a brief list where and what kind of readable stuff you may find.

  • newspaper articles
    • they are free available on the internet or bought in shops
    • they are as long or short as you wish
    • they have a great variety of topics
    • they are new every day
    • BUT: They may use a more difficult lanugage than you are used to
    • (e.g. Slovak: SME or
  • blogposts
    • they are free available as well
    • they talk about a variety of topics, but I think it is best to stick to one or two blogs for the people writing them stick to similar words and topics, so learning is easier
    • they are regularly posted, but maybe not daily
    • BUT: They might be quite long
  • facebook and social media
    • it is free on the internet
    • you can talk to friends (and family) about topics you like
    • the entries are quite short
    • BUT the entries might be not very well spelled and use not high quality language, but more the “slang” version of your target language
  • magazines
    • they can be seen on the internet, but also bought in shops
    • they deal with a specail topic most of the time so the vocab stays quite focused
    • the articles might be long or short, depending on the magazine
    • they have bright colors and pictures to help you understand
    • BUT you will have to wait some time till the next one is released
    • (Slovak: Žensky-magazin, emma, elle, …)
  • books/ novels
    • there are free ebooks in your target language available on the internet, but most of the time you will have to buy them
    • they are very long
    • depending on the groop they are written for the language might be very difficult (e.g. fantasy-novels) or the content might be boring (e.g. children´s books)
    • when you buy one, you may have trouble picking the right level for you, if they are not made for language-learning
    • You will stick to the story for quite some time, so get one that you are really willing to read!
  • calendars
    • there are ones that offer a daily phrase or saying, weekly ones or monthly ones
    • they are not free, at least I didn´t find any free one yet.
    • due to the fact that the sayings are very short, they tend to use difficult grammar and unusual vocabulary
    • they are not only a reading practise, but also functional
    • they look pretty and give you a reason to read something every day/week/month

I`m sure there is more out there, but those are the most popular ones. 🙂

Just let me tell you: I tried everything and right now I´m very happy to have found a book, that is made up as a diary. Every day I can read a short text (about half a page (A5) and check any unknown words. It is made for kids and the topics are every-day-stuff. I like it a lot, even though it is very religious. (link for the slovak version)


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