How to track your learning – ultimate productivity challenge from BujoBoosted

Finally I´m back and with some great idea, that I saw on youtube from Bujoboosted. It`s a way to track any kind of activity, to get more productive. To see the idea follow this link.

Basically you draw a diamond made of squares and color in the parts whenever you managed to do a certain task. Since the tasks are colorcoded you get a pretty colorful picture in the end. Every time you conquere a “level” (ring of squares) you may reward yourself with a little gift.

Here is what mine looks like:


You can see that I devided the little blue lined squares into 4 sections for 4x15min so every square equals one hour of learning my target language (slovak).

The colors are devoted to

  • reading (green),
  • listening (yellow),
  • speaking (red),
  • writing (blue) and
  • learning vocab (violet).

Mostly I do listening and speaking with my tandem partners.

You may also have recognized, that I´m in the middle of my 3rd level. By the way: the levels get easier and easier to acomplish. This is on purpose so you will stay motivated till the very end! I think this is a great way to keep me going! 🙂

I did barely fill in the reward-section, because I feel already rewarded by the colorful picture I get.

Bujoboosted original challenge was made out of 6 levels, but I prefer the 5 levels. Because of the fact that I am doing one hour for each square a 6th level would be too overwhelming for me. These are 41 squares so 41 hours of learning. I try to acomplish them in two month, which means about 40 days to fullfil the challenge, when we have “free weekends”. This is a good goal to aim for. 🙂

I also created some other designs as my individual style:

And maybe you saw that the right one isn´t about lanugage but about sports. Well – as he said: You may track any activity you want. 🙂


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