How the Challenges work

Every challenge is meant to take as long as a month. I prefer working them from 1st of a month to the end of it, but you can start whenever you want.

Some Challenges have monthly updates (e.g. the DTC), so you can read new topics to write about every 1st of a month. For more information check out the post about DTC.

I bundled up 5 topics to challenge you while learning a language. As you well know, there are some expertises you need to have in your target language:

Fist of all you need to know the Vocabulary.5 topics
Second you need to practise your speech.
Third you need some practise to understand people.
Forth point on my list is for understanding texts and increasing your (passive) vocabulary.
Last but not least we need to focus on our ability to write texts.

Therefor you can find 5 challenges:

  • DVC – Daily Vocab Challenge.
  • DSC – Daily Speaking Challenge.
  • DLC – Daily Listening challenge.
  • DRC – Daily Reading Challenge.
  • DTC – Daily Text Challenge.

What you have to do for each challenge you will find out by following the links.