DTC – Daily Text challenge

So what is this all about? keyboard

As you can guess “Daily Text Challenge” means the challenges requires writing a text every day.

This does not have to be a long text. In fact I only aim for 50 – 100 words per text. I`d like to practise for about 10 minutes every day. It is much more important for me to build the habit of actually writing a text every day than doing a fancy text or a very long article.

If you want to you can choose a different amout of words or a different amount of time. Just use, what suits you!

But what to write about?

I am very bad in making up themes on the go. This is why I decided to make lists for you and me to get inspiration from.

I have created 2 lists.

  1. The List of Headlines
  2. The List of Styles

The List of Headlines gives you a topic to write about every single day of the month. This list is going to be posted new every month so you can get a fresh start regularly.

The List of Styles is a permanent one to give you some ideas how your text could look like. I included things like “email to a friend”, “poem” or “dialog” to choose from. They are 31 all in all, but you do not need to use them all.

So how to use the lists?

Basically it is up to you.

I use it this way: I pick a headline and a style every day of the month and start writing my 50-100 words text. When I finish writing my text, I go ahead and post it. (good sites for this are italki and lang-8, but there are many more…)

It is very important to hand your text over to a native speaker, teacher or tutor and let them correct it! You will etablish bad grammar and nonsuitable wordconections if you don´t! So please:

get yourself corrected

How to pick the headline and style?

I work my way through the list from top to bottom, but you can do it in any way you like. Some ways I came up with:

  • Working from top to bottom
  • choosing one style and stick to it the whole month
  • choosing one headline and stick to it the whole month
  • mixing up by picking “without looking”
  • Choosing two pieces new every day
  • any mixture of the ones above

That´s it!

Now stop reading and get the task done. 🙂