WRC – Weekly Reading Challenge

This challenge is a weekly one, because a friend of mine asked me to make up a weekly challenge, which is a little less creative than the DTC.


So here are the rules:

  • You have to pic one of the following categories every week and stick with it for the following 7 days.
  • Read either once a week or once a day
  • Read until you reach at least an amount of 6 words you did not learn or even knew before or until you read for at least 10 minutes
  • Now you have your “paragraph”
  • Did you get the message of the paragraph?
  • Note the main idea of the paragraph in ONE sentence.
  • Check out the words you do not know and add them to your vocabulary-list (anki, flashcards, whatever you like)
  • Read the paragraph again and check if your first idea was right and if you find any new grammar issues
  • At last read the text aloud and try to pronounce as perfect as possible
  • If you want, you can write a brief summery of you paragraph

Your text-categories to choose from:WRC - Categories

The PDF file: WRC – Categories

For doing this, my friend also recommended a nice website (Readlang), which gives the opportunity to past text passages and then read them there. The benefit of this site is, that you can look up the unknown vocab there and that it already creates flashcards for you to learn with. However the slovak-language is still in beta-mode and not as good as I`d like it to be, so I still have to use my dictionary in addition to it. But the idea is great!!!