Daily Speaking Challenge

Speaking is one of the main issues when it comes to language learning. For all beginners the unfamiliar sounds of the new language are hard to form and you feel weird trying to do so. Nevertheless unless you practise speaking, you will miss the purpose of language learning. speaking

So here is a Challenge, that forces you to speak once a day for at least 3 minutes.

What to do

The rule is simple: Speak at least 3 minutes without pausing in your target language.

There are several ways to do so:

  • Take part in a film
  • Read aloud
  • Use a mirror
  • Don´t stop! <= best way!!!
  • Sing along

There are other techniques as well, like meeting a tandem-partner, but those mentioned above can be done by yourself.

The ones named are explained here:

Take part in a film

This stategy makes sure that you practise the pronounciation properly. You simply take one of your favourite movies or film-clips. You watch a part, press repeat and the mute button and then take the part of the speaker. You can also get yourself some help by reading the subtitles. This is most fun, when you are a groop of several people and everyone takes a different character to do the dubbing.

Read alound

This strategy is not the best one, because you can not compare your speech to a native speaker, unless you got someone recording the book to you or you have an audio-book attached.

You simply read all your texts aloud, even though it might sound strange and take you longer, but it really helps loosing the fear of speaking the target language.

Use a mirror

Stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself. This is great, because you can see your mimic and mouth acting and can compare it with a native speaker. This method should be combined with another one (take part in a film or sing along). You might even speak to your mirror-me as a second person. And don´t feel weird. Nobody´s watching. 🙂

Don´t stop!

Therefor you need a timer.

Set it for 3 minutes.

Take one of the following pictograms (there are 31 – one for each day of the month) and start talking about anything that comes to mind, when you see it.You are aloud to say anything, even if it doesn´t seem to fit,

but you must continue speaking. There mustn´t be lacks of speech. If you do not know what to say, describe the picture or say something like “I don´t know, what to say, but I have to keep talking.” This gives your brain some time to think.

You succeded the challenge for one day, if you managed to talk the whole 3 minutes.

And don´t think too much about grammar rules. Language is all about understanding. You will always make mistakes. That´s fine. It is much more important to be involved in the conversation than to form a perfect sentence!

There is also a pdf available: dsc_pictogramme-october


Feel free to expand the chart and add new/additional pictograms.

You may also print and cut them so you can shuffel them.

Sing along

Print the lyrics of a song in your target language and sing along the song. This will not train your grammar, since songs are typically very poetic, but you train words and pronounciation! I love doing this in my car! 🙂

Get started now!