DVC – Daily Vocabulary Challenge


In this article you find

  • the challenge
  • how to make it more challenging
  • when to learn the vocab
  • how to learn the vocab

The challenge4838276667_3b0e17a02f_b

Professors and other brilliant people keep saying, that we should learn new stuff in chunks of 7 to 10 information per session. This provides the most positive effect for your learning.

So this is your challenge:

Learn 7 words every day.
(this will sum up into 49 words per week and 2555 words a year!)

Does that seem too easy for you?

Well, let me tell you that here in Germany children, who have to learn a foreign language in school will learn between 40 and 50 words per week. The problem isn´t learning 7 words a day, but to stick to that routine!
But to make it more challenging for you: You can have more than one learning session per day:

Why not taking the challenge like this:
Every time I want to sit on my couch, I will have a session!

Or you pick some certain times of the day:
Every odd hour in the morning (7am, 9am, 11am) I will learn new vocab.

There are more ideas listed below. But the hardest thing about learning is sticking to your new routine!!! So for this also check my post on routines.

Most and foremost I want to remind you: Have no excuses learning your vocab! Never! It just takes a few minutes. You will always find the time, if you want to.

When to learn the vocabulary?

Here are some ideas when to learn your vocab:

  • on your way from and to work
  • right before you go to bead
  • while eating breakfast or lunch (or dinner)
  • while waiting for the bus
  • while waiting for the next appointment
  • while doing the laundry
  • while cooking (pin them on the wall next to you)
  • while sitting on the toilet (instead of reading some old magazine…)

Methods you can use to learn your new vocab

I also came across some ideas how to learn those words and decided, that it is very usefull for us language-learners to use those techniques.

Over time I will add more and more techniques for this and add links in this place: